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11 Month Old Baby

11 Month Old Baby: Developmental Milestones

Learn what you can expect from your 11 month old baby.  Let’s look at what baby development to expect.

Physical Development

Let’s review the growth details of a 11 month old baby.

How much should an 11-month-old weigh? The boys average 16 to 25 pounds and girls 15 to 24 pounds.

What should the height of an 11-month-old be?  Boys are usually anywhere from 27 to 31 inches and girls 26 to 31 inches.

How much should their head size be?  A baby boy head size should be 17 to 18 inches and girls are anywhere from 16 to 18.

What is the respiratory rate of an 11-month old?  Both boy and girl should have 20 to 40 breaths per minute.

What is the heart rate of an 11-month old?  Both boy and girl should be anywhere from 80 to 120 beats per minute.

What Should Your Baby Be Doing At 11 Months?

Motor Development

The baby now can crawl around with ease.  The baby will be taking a couple of steps by himself. During this stage the baby now is learning how to climb, enjoys playing with his toys, and can even hold himself up using the crib rails.

Communicative Development

Your baby now understands simple instructions, including the meaning of no. 

The baby will continue to babble a lot more and will have some meaningful words such as mama and daddy.

Cognitive And Behavioral Development

At 11 months, the baby separation anxiety has heightened to a whole different level.  The baby now is able to wave and point. 

He might express himself by throwing tantrum when he has to give up a toy or does not get his way. The infant now has learned how to express any likes or dislikes.

Sensory Development

The baby vision has increased significantly and is able to grasp things. 

The baby is an expert now crawling around.  The sensory development has grown and helps the infant arrange toys by shape, color, and size.

The babies have sharpened their hearing skills and it’s able to recognize different sounds. 

What Feeding Schedule Should An 11-Month-Old Have?

What should your 11-month-old be eating?

At 11 month old, the babies can feed themselves independently.  They tend to eat with their fingers or use a spoon.  The baby will continue to have teething symptoms with many additional tooth growing in. 

The different types of food that can be given to the baby are oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, yogurt, fruits, and mashed vegetables.

How Much Breast Or Formula Milk Should An 11-Month-Old Be Given?

The baby should be given formula milk or breastfed the amount of 22 to 32 ounces within 24 hours.  The baby should not be given any whole milk till he is one years old.

What Is The Sleep of An 11-Month-Old?

Majority of 11 month old sleep around 10 to 12 hours a day. The infant also takes about two naps during the day.  The baby might cry through out the night due to not wanting to sleep in the crib by themselves.

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