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11 Weeks Pregnant

At 11 weeks pregnant, you may have a hint of a bump at this point. The baby is starting to develop and looks like a little person. 

 The baby head it’s quite developed and the bones in the face has been mature.  Shortly the baby will be fully formed.  

The baby will be growing rapidly increasing in size from 2 inches to about 8 inches.

Baby Development In Pregnancy Week 11

There are many changes happening during week 11 of the pregnancy.

Sensory Organ Development

The sensory organs are developing as the eye, ear, and nose are formed.  The nasal passages are developing.  The eyes and ear are also developing.

Limb Development

The baby toes and fingers are growing and developing. The toes and fingers are growing out of the webbed appearance and almost developed. The skin is see through.

Facial Development

Facial development keeps increasingly and the ears move to the right position. The external genitals of girls and boys start appearing at the end of week 11.

Keratinous Structure Development

Your baby’s fingernail and toenail beds begin to form at week 11. 

The baby’s hair follicle is starting to form. The tooth buds are also developing. 

11 Weeks Pregnancy Baby Size

During the 11 week of pregnancy your baby is a size of a lime.  The baby is around 1.6 inches long and about .25 ounces.

Body Changes During 11th Week of Pregnancy

By now you probably look a little pregnant. As the pregnancy continues, your uterus is expanding every day. Your uterus is now about the size of a grapefruit.

This week you may notice an increase in your hair and nail growth.  The increase of facial oil glands also partakes in the 11 week.

What Does 11 Weeks Pregnant Look Like

During week 11th you might be feeling food cravings.  The morning sickness should be easing away and your appetite is increasingly. You might have a hint of a bump developing.

Many pregnant women experience the burping, farting, and have more gas than usual.  Feeling gassy and bloated during pregnancy is due to hormone changes caused by the pregnancy. 

The prominence of progesterone in a pregnant woman’s body contributes to excessive gas.

11 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

The ultrasound will let you take a sneak peak at your baby. The ultrasounds will reveal the blood vessels are visible due to the translucent skin. You will be also to see the baby kicking and moving.

11 Weeks Pregnant Signs And Symptoms

Others might be able to tell you’re pregnant by the 11 week due to physical changes in your body. You might have gain weight, your breast might feel tender, and your abdomen will be sticking out.

11 Week Pregnant Signs:

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