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12 Month Old Baby

12 Month Old Baby: Developmental Milestones

Your baby soon will be celebrating their first birthday. I will be discussing today 12 month old baby milestones and what to expect in the fist year.

Physical Development

Let’s review the growth of you 12 month old baby.

How much should a 12-month-old weigh? A baby boy should weigh between 17 to 26 pounds and a girl should weigh 15 to 24 pounds.

What should the height of a 12-month-old be?  A boy heights its around 28 to 31 inches and girls from 27 to 31 inches.

How much should their head size be? The boy’s head should be 17 to 19 inches and girls are 16 to 18 inches.

What is the respiratory rate of a 12-month-old?  Both girls and boys should be between 20 to 30 breaths per minute.

What is the heart rate if a 12-month-old?  Both girls and boys should have a heart rate of 70 to 100 beats per minute.

What Should Your 12-Month-Old Be Doing?

Motor Development

The baby now is able to sit up with out any help.  He can also get himself up to a standing posture and walk. Some babies now can stand up in their tiptoes. He has improved his coordination and it’s able to grasp objects. 

Communication Skills

The communication skills of a 1 year old have improved drastically.  The baby now starts to respond to the following:

  • Acknowledge his name
  • Understand the word “no”
  • Start imitating sounds he hears
  • Start to babble
  • Start doing nonverbal gestures

Cognitive Development

Your baby’s attention spam continues to grow and you’ll be able to teach him new things.  The baby will have fun grabbing anything insight. At this stage, having any type of toys that make noise or come apart are great options for the exploring baby. 

Behavioral And Emotional Development

At 12 months old, the baby will start to become clingier.  The baby will become clingier when you leave the room. He might also experience anxiety when surrounded by people he does not know.

Sensory Development

The baby now begins to recognize familiar faces and even gets excited to see faces he knows.

What Should Be The Feeding Schedule of A 1-Year Old?

What does your baby eat?

The baby now can eat a variety of solid foods. The baby should have most of his teeth by now.  You can now start introducing the baby to new foods.  Many babies now start to eat unsweetened yogurt.

How Much Milk Should Your Baby Drink?

The baby should intake around 450ml to 600ml a day. In this stage, the mothers start introducing the bottle and less nursing. 

What Is The Sleep Schedule of A 1-Year-Old?

The baby will continue to take 2 naps per day and sleep around 12 to 14 hours a day.

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