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20 Weeks Pregnant

20 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations, you have made it halfway in your pregnancy.  At week 20, your baby continues to grow and they’re still turning somersaults in the womb. The baby’s legs are not longer curled up against his body.  During this week the baby can now be measured from head to toe. 

 Around the 20th week many women have gained about 10 pounds.

Many pregnant women enjoy their second trimester because the early symptoms of pregnancy has decreased and their energy level has increased.

How Big Is Your Baby
This Week?

At week 20, the baby is the size of a banana. The baby now measures around 16.5 long. They are no measure from head to toe.  He weighs about 10 ½ ounces now.

Pregnancy Week 20: Your Belly And Body Changes

This week signifies the middle of your second trimester.  Many women who have smaller body frames experience trouble breathing.  The reason why pregnant women struggle with breathing is because the baby is placing pressure on the internal organs.  

Expect to gain up to a pound per week from this week on. The waistline will continue to grow and you will experience more indigestion, heartburn, itching, and constipation.

Your body is undergoing many changes, as your uterus is now three times bigger than original size.

20 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Scan

The ultrasounds are common procedures during pregnancy. The 20 week ultrasound, will help ensure the baby is growing the right size, check the placenta, and make sure everything is okay with the umbilical cord.  During this week you’ll also learn the sex of your baby.

Twin Pregnancy
Week 20 Ultrasound 

When having twins the sonographer will scan the two babies separately.  They will do the same testing to check or any physical or other abnormalities.

Signs And Symptoms At Pregnancy Week 20

During week 20, you’re feeling a lot more energetic.  There are some symptoms you will go through. Here are the most common:

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