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21 Weeks Pregnant

21 Weeks Pregnant:

Congrats you’re almost done with the fourth month of your pregnancy. Many women enjoy the second trimester due to the increase of energy and your able to hold down food.

The morning sickness and early symptoms affect you less during the second trimester.  Every women is different some due continue to experience early symptoms through out the entire pregnancy.

Baby Development
During Week 21

Internal Organ Development

At week 21, the baby’s growth has slow down a bit. The internal organs do continue to develop. The biggest change this week is the baby’s bone marrow starts maturing and producing blood cells.

The new blood cells are been transferred from the liver and spleen.  The bay continues to practice sucking, swallowing, and generating urination.

Nutrition Supply

During week 21, the baby no longer is swallowing amniotic fluid.  This allows the baby to start working out his digestive system.  He is able to feed off the nutrients your placing in your body.  The placenta is still in tack and provides majority of his nutrients.

Sensory Organ Development

The baby now has developed their very own taste buds.  They can taste some what the mother puts into her body.  There are studies made that what ever you are eating at 21, the baby later prefers to eat too.

External Appearance:

The baby develops fingernails during this week. The eyes remain shut to prevent from the baby poking his eye. Also the eyelashes and eyebrows are growing rapidly this week.

Limb Development
And Fetal Movement

The baby’s arms and legs are proportionate by week 21. His muscles and neuron connections help with the baby movement. At this week, instead of wondering if it’s gas or the baby moving you’ll know since the baby packs a mean punch.

Fetal Heartbeat

The baby's heart is stronger than ever. 

How Big Is Your Baby This Week?

At week 21, the baby is about the size of a carrot.  He is roughly about 10 ½ inches and it’s measured from head to heel. He weighs about 12 ounces.

21 Weeks Pregnant Belly
And Body Changes

Your belly will continue to grow every week. It’s normal to have gained a couple of few extra pounds. Many women during week 21 experience their bellybutton sticking outward. The breasts are larger and the production of yellowish fluid called, Colostrum is noticeable.

21 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

The ultrasound will help evaluate the growth of your baby and check for any abnormalities. This week is very exciting for moms to be since they get to know the gender of the baby.

Signs And Symptoms of Pregnancy Week 21

Some of the signs and symptoms are similar to the previous week with a few extra.

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