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26 Weeks Pregnant

26 Weeks Pregnant:

At 26 weeks, you are completing the last week of the second trimester.  The belly continues to grow.  The baby now is practicing breathing movement.  All the changes during this week are important for the baby to have proper reflexes. 

 Any premature babies born at week 26 the survival statics are 50 percent survival rate. 

Accordingly to the World Heath Organization there are different stages of preterm birth:

  • Extremely preterm < 28 weeks
  • Very preterm from 28 to < 32 weeks
  • Moderate to late preterm from 32 to < 37

Many women enjoy the second trimester due to the early symptoms have decreased significantly.  

Every pregnancy is unique if you still experience any type of early symptoms it’s normal.  The main complain during the second trimester is pelvic pain.

Fetal Development This Week

The baby is as big as a head of lettuce at week 26.  This week the baby’s eyes are forming. 

In a short time, the eyes will start to open.  The eyelashes are fully grown at week 26. The immune system is developing antibodies.

How Big Is Your Baby?

The baby continues to gain weight. At week 26, the baby weights about 1 2/3 pounds. The baby measures 14 inches from head to heel. 

 If you’re having a boy the scrotum is developing and within a couple of weeks begin to descend.  You shave gained anywhere from 18 to 25 pounds by week 26.

Week 26: Your Pregnant Belly, Weight Gain, and Body Changes

During week 26, you can feel your uterus above your belly button. The uterus is about 2.5 inches above your bellybutton.  A normal sustainable weight gain at normal should be around 18 to 25 pounds. 

 Other factors contribute in weight gain during pregnancy such as your metabolism, activity level, and your genetics. It’s important to keep your regular checkups in a regular basis with your doctor to measure your weight gain. Many women report that in their second pregnancy they gain weight at a lot quicker.

26 Weeks Pregnant Tests
And Ultrasound

At week 26, the ultrasound will reveal the baby moving his hand towards his face. Regular testing for gestational diabetes is still been checked on a regular basis.

Pregnancy Week 26 Signs
And Symptoms

There are many signs and symptoms you can experience at 26 weeks pregnant. Here are some of the most common complains:

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