27 Weeks Pregnant

27 Weeks Pregnant:

Congratulations for reaching the final trimester of your pregnancy. At week 27, you’re entering the first week of the third trimester. 

The countdown has started you’re only 13 weeks left. Make sure to maintain a healthy eating balanced diet.

Baby Development This Week

Brain Development

The baby’s nervous system continues to grow.  The biggest change in week 27 is characteristics grooves on his brain surface are starting to appear and develop more brain tissues.

Internal Organ Development:

The baby’s lung is completely developed at week 27. The baby now is practicing breathing in and out.  The baby heartbeat is stronger than ever. 

External Appearance And Development

Your baby is growing fast and his skin is turning opaque as it gains the fat layers.  The baby is starting to look like a tiny little human.

Sensory Organ Development

The auditory nerves continue to develop letting your baby listen and recognize your voice. The baby’s taste buds are fully developed.  Those beautiful baby eyes can open now and react to startling noises by blinking.

Fetal Movements During Pregnancy Week 27

You will notice a lot of fetal movement when you drink anything cold.  If you like spicy food this would also trigger movement for the little one. 

At 27 weeks pregnant, you might also feel the baby having hiccups. The hiccups usually appear due to involuntary movement of the fetal diaphragm.

How Big Is Your Baby?

 This week, your baby weighs almost 2 pound is about 14 ½ inches from crown to ankle.

Week 27: Weight Gain, Belly, and Body Changes

Your belly continues to grow every week due to the development of the baby. During week 27, you might experience swelling due to the pressure place on the vena cava. This type of pressure slows down the blood flow causing fluid retention that leads to swelling.

27 Weeks Pregnant Tests
And Ultrasound

An ultrasound during week 27 will show that the baby is around 14 inches long.  At week 27, the baby will show your baby kicking, moving his arms, yawning, and if you pay careful attention you can see the baby blinking.  

Another common test is the glucose-screening test it helps to detect any gestational diabetes.

Pregnancy Week 27
Signs And Symptoms

The early signs and symptoms of pregnancy have decreased. However, they are many new symptoms happening in 25 weeks pregnant:

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