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28 Weeks Pregnant

28 Weeks Pregnant:

Welcome to the seventh month of your pregnancy. Your baby’s heart is now beating stronger as they continue into full development.  

Start preparing yourself for the trip to the hospital. You still are weeks away but you never know if your little one decides to arrive early. 

If you were to have a preterm baby the survival rate is 90 %.

Baby Development In Pregnancy Week 28

Developing brain activity

The baby’s brain keeps developing and becoming more of a complex organ.   At week 28, the baby’s brain will develop grooves along its surface.  The amount of brain tissues starts increasing during the 28th week.

Lung Development

The baby’s lungs are almost fully developed during this week. The bronchial tubes in week 28 are splitting up into small branches.

Sensory Organ Development:

The baby’s eyes are sensitive to bright light. At week 28, the eyes are open and eyelashes have formed.  Also the baby can blink this week.

Developing Reflex Actions:

At week 28, the baby is practicing different reflex actions. The baby now is sucking harder, is able to grasp his umbilical cord, and they eyes are blinking.

External Appearance

The external appearance such as the eyebrows and eyelashes are visible.  The baby’s hair grows even longer. The fat layers makes the baby look a bit rounder and the skin continue to develop. 

Fetal Movement

At week 28, the baby is constantly moving, twisting, punching, and kicking.  Every pregnancy is different some women experience little movement and other feel a lot more movement.

Twin Pregnancy Week 28:
Fetal Movement

Many women carrying twins at week 28 their survival rate  is 90%. 

How Big Is Your Baby?

At week 28, the baby is about 14 ¼ inches long. He weighs in at 2 ½ pounds. 

28 Weeks Pregnant: Weight Gain, Belly, And Body Changes

Each week your uterus continues to grow.  The top uterus can now be felt about 3.5 inches about your bellybutton. The distance of the fundal height should be somewhere between 10 inches and 11.5 inches.  Your belly continues to grow every week due to the development of the baby.

During week 28, you might experience swelling due to the pressure place on the vena cava. This type of pressure slows down the blood flow causing fluid retention that leads to swelling. At week 28, you probably have gained anywhere from 17 to 25 pounds.

28 Weeks Pregnant Tests
And Ultrasound

An ultrasound during week 28 will show that the baby been quite active. The baby now is moving his arms and legs quite often.  You might see the baby playing with his umbilical cord and sucking on his thumb.

Pregnancy Week 28
Signs And Symptoms

The early signs and symptoms of pregnancy have decreased. However, they are many new symptoms happening in 28 weeks pregnant:

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