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33 Weeks Pregnant

33 Weeks Pregnant

At week 33, the baby is going through the final stages of his physical and mental development.  During this week you’re well into the eight-month of your pregnancy. The baby continues to grow as their bones become stronger and harden.

You are now checking the weeks off and ready to meet your baby in a short couple of weeks. If you were to go into labor in week 33 of gestation there is a survivor rate of 98 % with out any abnormalities or long-term complications.

33 Weeks Pregnant:
Baby Development

Immune System Development

The immune system is developing continuously and taking antibodies from the mom to be preparing him for after birth to fight diseases.

Bone And Skull Development

The skeleton continues to hardening. The skull bones are not fuse together his makes it easy for birth. 

Internal Organ Development

Majority of all the organs are developed completely at week 33 of pregnancy. The lungs are still maturing and getting ready to work in a couple of weeks.

By the 33rd week, the baby is surrounded by 1 liter of amniotic fluid.  The amniotic fluid helps protect the baby from any sudden impact or blow.

External Appearance

The fat layer underneath the skin keeps growing. It helps the baby’s skin becomes more smoother. The baby now is smoother and plumber. He is starting to look like a small baby.

How Big Is Your Baby?

By 33rd week, the baby is around 17.2 inches long. He weighs around 4 pounds. He is the size of a pineapple in week 33.

Fetal Movement

The baby is growing rapidly having less space to move around so his kicks and punches might feel a bit lighter that previously before.  The baby at week 33 should be proper head down position for birth.  He still has time to rotate in place.

33 Weeks Pregnant: Weight Gain, Belly, and Body Changes

Each week your uterus continues to grow.  The top uterus can now be felt about five inches above your bellybutton. Expect to gain about 1 pound per week in the third trimester.

Majority of women gain anywhere from 22 pounds to 28 pounds by this week.  Your body is getting prepared for childbirth by producing relaxing hormones. The hormones are responsible for loosening the joints and muscles. 

Twin Pregnancy Week 33 Weight Gain

If you’re expecting twins you should have gain about 1.5 pounds per week in the third trimester.  The average weight gain is usually about 30 pounds during this stage. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet to provide the essential vitamins and nutrients for both babies.

33 Weeks Pregnant Tests
And Ultrasound

The prenatal routine at week 33 consists of checking blood pressure, urines test, and check for signs of complications. The sonographer will assess the amniotic fluid levels and check the position of the baby.

Pregnancy Week 33 Signs and Symptoms

The early signs and symptoms of pregnancy have decreased. However, they are many new symptoms happening in 32 weeks pregnant:

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