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6 Month Old Baby: Developmental Milestones

At 6 month old the baby is learning to crawl and start weaning onto solids.  Let’s take a look at the different developmental milestones.

Physical Development

Let’s take a look at different physical developmental stages at 6 months old.

How much should a 6-month-old weigh? Typically the boys will weigh between 14 to 21 pounds.

What should the height of a 6-month-old be? The height of a six month old for boys it ranges from 25 to 28 inches and girls 24 to 27 inches.

How much should his head size be? The boy’s head will be 16 to 17 inches and girls head size 15 to 17 inches.

What is the respiratory rate of a 6-month-old? The baby respiratory rate should be anywhere from 25 to 40 breathes per minute.

What is the heart rate of a 6-month-old?  The baby’s heart rate should be anywhere from 80-120 beats per minute.

What Should A Baby Be Doing At 6 Months?

Motor Skills

Your 6 month old can probably roll his back to his stomach. The baby now can scoop things up with one hand and transfer an object from his hands. He is starting to develop more alertness.

Communicative Development

 Baby is learning to communicate and has developed different cries for different needs. 

The baby is starting to mimic sounds, doesn’t like to be held by strangers, and might start experiencing the first signs of separation anxiety.

Sensory Development

How Clearly Can A 6-Month-Old See?

If your baby eyes plan to change they will do this month.  The baby is now developing his perception skills.

How Well Can A 6-Month-Old hear?

 Your baby now can hear and pick up on the different sounds you make. 

The baby does response and turns his head when he hears familiar sounds. If you were to make any sudden noise it can startled the baby.

What Feeding Schedule Does A 6-Month-Old-Follow?

What solid foods can a 6-month-old eat?

The different types of solid foods you can give a 6 month old are pureed or mashed carrots, potato, and vegetables. Make sure it’s smashed down.

At the 6 months the baby will cut their first tooth so baby food is the best option.

How Much Milk Should A 6-Month-Old Drink?

Feeding the baby milk will continue at 6 months old. The baby will need all the nutrients it provides.  

In a time spam of 24 hours the baby should be fed formula milk at least six times.

Typically in 6 months you can start giving your child sips of water to drink.

What Sleep Schedule Does A Six-Month-Old Follow?

During the six month, many babies sleep 6 to 8 hours in one setting.  At daytime they sleep about three hours and they are divided into two naps or more.

What Vaccinations Should A 6-Month-Old Baby Be Given?

The baby should be give Pneumococcal or PVC and Rota.

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