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7 Weeks Pregnant

Developing of Your Baby During Pregnancy Week 7

7 Weeks Pregnant:

The embryo still looks like a tadpole. In a couple of weeks it will disappear. The baby during week 7 has a digestive system.

Sensory Organs And
Facial Development

The baby’s lens and retinas attaches in week 7 as the eyes are been develop.  The little veins are starting to develop. 

The teeth, lips, mouth, jaw, tongue, and tip of the nose start developing.  Also the inner ears are continuous growing.

Internal Organ And System Development:

The sex genitals are starting to develop during week seven of the pregnancy.  The kidneys are already developed and waiting for production of urine. 

Also during this week the liver begins to start producing red blood cells. The red blood cells keep producing until the bone marrow is mature.

Growth of the Arms and the legs

The cartilages are starting to form, which later will develop into bones.  The limb buds start to flatten.

Nervous System Development

Continuous growth of the nervous system is taking place during week 7 of pregnancy. The pace of nervous cells developing is rapid about 100 nerve cells around every 4 minutes.

How Big Is The Baby?

The baby during week seven is about 1.25 cm long.

What Happens In Your Body During Pregnancy Week 7?

Many women are likely to loose some weight due to the morning sickness and other early pregnancy signs.  Some women do feel a bit snug in their clothes and weight gain. You might feel your breast a bit fuller and slightly tenderness.

What Does 7 Weeks
Pregnant Look Like?

The baby is still too small to show any physical body changes. You’ll feel pregnant from the inside base on all of your hormonal changes and early signs pregnancy.

Pregnant Week 7 Ultrasound Scan

The ultrasound scan during week 7 will show the head, arm buds, leg buds, and heart.

What Are The Symptoms of Being 7 Weeks Pregnant?

The most common complains are the early symptoms women experience in the beginning stages of the pregnancy. The most common symptoms are morning sickness, fatigue, dizziness, heartburn, and bloating.

There are additional early symptoms due to all the hormonal changes in your body such as depression, cramping, and mood swings.

The most common symptoms during week seventh of pregnancy:

  • Dizziness
  • Feeling out of breath
  • Excessive exhaustion
  • Clear mucus discharge
  • Excessive saliva
  • Lack of sleep
  • Joint pain
  •  Cold and hot flashes
  • Light spotting

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