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8 Month Old Baby: Developmental Milestones

Learn what baby milestones you can expect from your 8-month-old baby.  Let us take a look at the developmental, milestones, sleep pattern, tips, and much more during the 8th month.

Physical Development

Let’s take a look at the physical development of an 8 month old baby.

How much should an 8-month-old weigh? A baby boy at eight month old should weigh anywhere from 15 to 23 pounds and a girl 13 to 22 pounds

What should the height of an 8-month-old be? A baby boy should be the height of 26 to 29 inches and a girl should be 25 to 28 inches.

How much should their head size be? A boy at 8 months old head size should be 16 to 18 inches and a girl a bit smaller.

What is the respiratory rate of an 8-month old?  The respiratory rate of an 8 month old is from 25 to 40 breaths per min for both boy and girl.

What is the heart rate of an 8-month-old? The heart rate is from 80 to 120 beats per minute.

What Should Your Baby Be Doing At 8 Months?

Motor Development

During the 8 month, the baby has developed new motor skills. The baby new motor skills consist of creeping, scooting, crawling, and even possibly walking.

His leg muscles start to get leg muscles that help the baby to be able to stand up. 

Communicative Development

The baby starts to develop new language skills. The baby starts to understand the meaning of certain words such a bye or milk.

If the baby becomes annoyed he will express himself like growling, squealing, and grunting.

Cognitive and behavioral development

An eight month old is curious about everything.  He is also aware of all his surroundings. The baby recognizes the bottle, which means eating time.

He responds faster when he hears his name.  At 8 months, he starts playing with anything within reach by throwing, banging, and shaking.

Sensory Development

Your baby’s motor skills are now working together with eyesight. The baby now has developed hand-eye coordination.

He is able to identify family member.  He is able to detect different types of noises.

What Feeding Schedule Should An 8-Month-Old Follow?

How Much Baby Food Should An 8-Month-Old Eat?

During this month the baby might have cut his first tooth. The baby might show symptoms such as drooling, fussiness, and teeth grinding.  At 8 months old, the baby can eat food such as pureed vegetables and mashed.

How Much Milk Should An 8-Month-Old Have?

The milk intake for the baby should at least 600ml daily.  It’s important due to all the nutrients that provide the baby.

What Is The Sleep Schedule of An 8-Month-Old?

A 8 month old baby typically sleeps around thirteen to fourteen hours a day.  The baby will also take about two naps per day.

It’s important for the baby to sleep on his back. By sleeping on his back it reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

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