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Benadryl During Pregnancy

Can you take Benadryl during pregnancy? There are going to be times during your pregnancy were you might feel under the weather. You might ask yourself, is it safe to take Benadryl during pregnancy? 

Some medications are safe to take during pregnancy. Before taking any type of medicine we highly recommend speaking with your physician at the earliest possible.

Do not take any medicine before speaking with your doctor. Yes, Benadryl also known, as Diphenhydramine and Tylenol PM are safe during pregnancy to help you sleep.

How Much Benadryl Can You Take In Pregnancy?

Some medications can be dangerous to take during pregnancy. The amount of Benadryl you should be taking depends on the amount your physician approved. 

Many doctors recommend the usage of 25mg to 50mg oral dose every six hours in the beginning of your pregnancy (First Trimester).

Is Benadryl Cream Safe During Pregnancy

The use of topical Benadryl is safe during pregnancy. As studies shown little evidence of harm to the fetus.

What Are The Risks of Taking Benadryl While Pregnant

Some studies have pointed a connection between Benadryl and cleft palate during pregnancy.  It has not been proven conclusively that Benadryl causes any side effects and it’s considered a category B medication.

Benadryl While Breastfeeding

When using Benadryl occasionally, it does not have any serious effect when nursing.  However, long-term use and larger doses have shown effects on infants. 

Many studies have shown irritability and colicky symptoms.

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