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Mask of Pregnancy Chloasma

What is Melasma or the mask of pregnancy?

Mask of pregnancy chloasma is a skin hyper-pigmentation discoloration that occurs during pregnancy. The skin discolorations are dark patches that appear on the cheeks, forehead, or upper lip. Some women experience Melasma on other parts of their body. 

 Melasma is a patchy brown discoloration of the skin on the face. However, when it appears during pregnancy is then called chloasma.  Developing blotchy areas of darkened skin is very common amongst pregnant women.

What Are Characteristics Clinical Features of Chloasma?

Chloasma characteristic clinical features are dark freckle spots found on the cheeks, forehead, or upper lips. You will also find brownish or bluish patches on your face around the checks and forehead.

The skin discoloration also can affect your cheeks and nose.  About 70% of women develop chloasma during pregnancy

What Causes Melsma During Pregnancy?

Melasma during pregnancy is cause by increasingly levels of hormones accompanying with estrogen and progesterone.

 The increasingly supply of hormones during pregnancy makes the melanin production causing blotchy spots in the skin. Bottom line your pigmentation level are soaring high causing the discolorations.

What Are The Risk Factors of The Mask of Pregnancy or Chloasma?

There are some risk factors involved with developing mask of pregnancy chloasma.

  • History of previous melisma in other pregnancies
  • Descendant of African American, since dark skin is more prominent to develop in their pregnancy
  • Exposure to UV ray

How To Prevent Mask of Pregnancy Chloasma During Pregnancy?

There a few things you can do to prevent melisma during pregnancy.  Make sure to minimize UV ray exposure, especially in your face.  Always apply SPF broad spectrum high above 30 on your face.

Make sure to wear hats, glasses, or as much cover up when expose to sun.  Make sure to use mild soaps and cleansers.  All cosmetics products should be oil free.  Incorporate high folic acid rich foods in your diet.

Is The Mask of Pregnancy Harmful For The Baby?

The mask of pregnancy chloasma is not harmful for the baby. It might affect your self-confidence.  Having dark blotchy spots in your face and body might cause you not to feel good about the way you look. Just keep in mind once you have the baby it will go away.

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