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Pincer Grasp

Pincer Grasp Definition: A pincer grasp is a developmental milestone that occurs within 9 to 12 months of age. 

The baby will use the index finger and thumb to pick up small objects. It’s the ability to hold objects by wrapping fingers and thumb around it.

At What Age Do Babies Develop The Pincer Grasp?

The infant starts to hold and pinch small objects around 9 to 12 months of age.  The baby will be able to pick up smaller objects like pieces of food or objects. 

 In a few months, the baby will refine his skills and be able to have a better grasp at objects.

Stages of Developing The Pincer Grasp Reflex

Inferior or Crude Pincer Grasp

The first initial step is the inferior pincer grasp where the baby uses his index finger and thumb to pick up small objects.  It will remain till the 10 month where he will start developing other grasping skills.

Superior or Neat Pincer Grasp

The superior pincer is the advanced stage of your baby developmental reflexes to pick up small objects. The baby now has the type of precision where he can hold a small object such a cheerio or smaller objects. 

The baby eventually learns to pick up a spoon and feed itself.  The baby will eventually develop lateral pincer grasp that helps hold item between he thumb and index finger.

Activity Ideas For Pincer Grasp Development In Babies And Toddlers

  • There are various activity you can do with your infant to sharpen his pincer grasp skills.
  •  Encourage your baby to play with items and point at things so he may copy you and start using his index finger.
  •  During feeding time encourage the baby to use a spoon or fork. Make sure to start practicing with your baby.
  •  Another terrific way to help your baby with mastering the pincer grips is by scattering finger foods in front of your baby.  This would encourage your baby to feed himself.  Avoid any hard foods for the safety of the baby from chocking.

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