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The Second Trimester of Pregnancy

In the second trimester of pregnancy you should be feel a bit more energetic. 

 The morning sickness and dizziness you have been feeling in the first trimester should be fading away. Great news, the risk of having a miscarriage has decreased increasingly in this trimester.

 Majority of women enjoy the second trimester for many reasons. The baby is growing so quickly that usually around the 18th week the doctor will conduct an ultrasound to see the progress of the baby.

Another main advantage is been able to learn the sex of your baby.  Fetal development is rapidly in the second trimester.

When Does The Second Trimester of pregnancy Begin?

The second trimester starts in week 13 to 27.

Second Trimester Weeks:

  • In the fourth month you will be at week: 14, 15, 16, 17
  • In the fifth month you will be at week:  18, 19, 20, 21
  • In the six month you will be at week: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

Baby Development During The Second Trimester

The baby has grown significantly in the second trimester.  The symptoms that occur in the first trimester have begun to decrease such as morning sickness and fatigue.

The remaining symptoms you might still experience are constipation, heartburn, indigestion, and frequent urination.


Baby Development By Weeks:

  • Week 14: Baby sex becomes apparent
  • Week 15: Baby skeleton develops bone
  • Week 16: Baby can make sucking motions
  • Week 17: Fat Accumulates
  • Week 18: Baby begins to hear
  • Week 19: Baby uterus forms
  • Week 20: Movement begins
  • Week 21: Baby can swallow
  • Week 22: Baby hair becomes visible
  • Week 23: Fingerprints and footprints form
  • Week 24: Real hair grows
  • Week 25: Baby responds to your voice
  • Week 26: Baby fingernails develop
  • Week 27: Second trimester ends

Second Trimester Symptoms And Body Changes

During the half way your doctor to check the progress of the baby performs point around the 18th week an ultrasound. The ultrasound helps measure the baby’s head circumference to ensure proper development of skull and brain. 

Another exciting part of the second trimester of pregnancy is getting the baby’s sex.

Weight Gain During The Second Trimester

Weight gain during pregnancy is determined by whether you were underweight, at a normal weight, overweight, or obese.  Women who were a normal weight before getting pregnant should gain any were from 25 to 35 pounds. 

Women who were underweight before getting pregnant should gain any were from 28 to 40 pounds. Women who were overweight should only gain any were from 15 to 25 pounds. 

Second Trimester Test And Ultrasound

The second trimester of pregnancy you can have tested for the following:

  1. Glucose screening
  2. Ultrasound
  3. Maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein and multiple marker screening

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