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Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Third Trimester of Pregnancy:

The third trimester is the last trimester of pregnancy before your little one arrives.  The baby now will be opening his or her eyes, gain more weight, and get in position for delivery.  The end of your pregnancy is around the corner.

When Does The Third Trimester of Pregnancy Begin?

The third trimester starts at week 27 and it ends at the delivery of your baby full term around week 40.

The Third Trimester Weeks


Month of Pregnancy                         Week By Week

Seventh                                              27, 28, 29, 30

Eight Month                                       31, 32, 33, 34, 35

Ninth Month                                      36, 37, 38,39, 40

Baby Development During The Third Trimester

Fetal development continues to as your due date approaches.  In the beginning of the third trimester, the baby weighs an average of 2 pounds. The baby will weigh around 7 pounds at full term. 

You’ll be at full term once you reached 38th week. The baby will continue to develop the fat layer, which will help him after delivery regulate his temperature.  The baby continues to grow his finger and toenails.  All the organs and bone structure are fully developed.

At 30th week, the baby senses are developing such as hearing and taste. The baby now is able to open his or her eyes, practicing swallowing, and inhaling the amniotic fluid.  By the 34th-35th week your baby will be head down position ready for birth.

Third Trimester Symptoms
And Body Changes

Third Trimester of Pregnancy Symptoms:

When you complete the second trimester your feeling the effects of entering the new trimester. Majority of women overall complain is the feeling of aching all over and feeling fatigue. 

 The most common symptoms during the third trimester involve Braxton Hicks contractions, round ligament pain, back and pelvic pain, and pressure in the pelvic from the baby dropping down.

You might feel again the common symptoms you felt in the beginning of your pregnancy. The most common involve nausea, vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, depression, and frequent urination. 

Weight Gain During
The Third Trimester

During the third trimester you will need to gain about 1 pound per week. The total weight gain during pregnancy should not be more than 25-35 pounds.

The Third Trimester Tests And Ultrasound

The doctor will have a routine check up every two weeks during the third trimester. Based on your medical history the doctor might have you in the office once a week in the last month of your trimester. 

The routine checks up include anemia, group B strep infection, high blood pressure, and check up glucose levels. Additional exams include checking the baby’s heart rate and measure the fundal height.

Things To Watch For During The Third Trimester

Third Trimester of Pregnancy Things To Watch For:

Kick Counts: It’s recommended to count your baby’s movement once a day.  The kick counts are fundamental to make sure the baby is developing in the final stages.

Fetal Nutrition:  Make sure to follow a healthy balance diet.

Traveling During The Third Trimester: Once your reach your third trimester, obstetricians prefer not to travel after the 36th week.

Warning Signs: Some of the typical sings to watch out for are severe headaches, extreme diarrhea, bleeding,  extreme abdominal cramps, unexpected weight loss, and increased vaginal discharged.

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