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Back Pain During Pregnancy

Is upper and lower back pain normal in pregnancy? Yes, both upper and lower back pain during pregnancy is very common. The lower back pain is most common during pregnancy.  

However, you may also experience a bit of discomfort in your upper back areas such as shoulders, ribcage, and between your breasts. The upper area back pain can occur at any given moment but most women complain about it in the third trimester.

Types of Back Pain During Pregnancy

The two most common back pain in pregnancy are the following:

  • Posterior pelvic pain or PPP: Is pain felt at or near the sacroiliac joints of your pelvis as a result of sacroiliac joint dysfunction.
  • Lumbar or lower back pain: Lumbar pain occurs in the area of the lumbar vertebrae in your lower 

Is Lower Back An Early Sign of Pregnancy?

Lower back pain is not an early sign of pregnancy. Even though lower back pain can occur at any given time during a women pregnancy it’s not very common for it to appear in the beginning stages of the pregnancy.  However, if you have chronic ache in your lower and middle back this can be a symptom of pregnancy.

Back Pain In Pregnancy Risk Factors

There are many risk factors that might cause back pain during a pregnancy.

  • Aging: people who are over 30 are more likely to suffer from back pain.
  • Genetics: Certain spinal disorders have a genetic component.
  • Occupational Hazards: if you have a particular job that requires standing, bend, or lift for long periods of time.
  • Overweight: Having excessive weight places more weight and stress on the lower back as well other joints.

What Causes Back In Pregnancy?

Many women during pregnancy just happen to experience back pain.

  • Another common cause of back pain is simply the weight gain you naturally gain during pregnancy.
  • Pushing your bum forward, also puts strain on your back.
  • Sitting or standing in one position for a very long time causes lower back pain during pregnancy.

How To Prevent Back Pain In Pregnancy?

There are many things you can do to prevent back pain in pregnancy.

  • Stand up straight
  • Avoid standing long periods of time
  • Get comfortable at night with pillows in bed for support
  • Maintain your thighs parallel when sleeping
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Do not cross your legs
  • Do not cross your ankles
  • Stop bending over so often
  • Have better posture
  • Wear a maternity support belt
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Stay hydrated

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