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Gas And Bloating During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience burping, farting, and have more gas than usual.  Feeling gassy and bloated during pregnancy is due to hormones changes caused by the pregnancy.

It can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and cause constipation.

What Does Pregnancy Causes Gas And Bloating?

Gas and bloating is something many women deal with during the first trimester of pregnancy.  A pregnant woman body has a large dose of progesterone. The prominence of progesterone in a pregnant woman’s body contributes to excessive gas.  

It slows the digestive process, causing excessive gas, and making you bloated.

What Causes Gas And Bloating During Pregnancy In The Beginning

Since the digestive process is slow down during pregnancy air gets caught in the digestive tract.  Most gas bloating occurs when enzymes in the stomach and small intestine incompletely digested break down of food.

Is Gas And Bloating Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Gas and bloating during pregnancy is pretty common.  It usually happens in the first trimester of the pregnancy.  Yes, is an early sign of pregnancy we need to pay attention to? You might start noticing bloating, excessive gas, burping, flatulence, pain, tightening, and abdominal cramps.

Foods Likely To Cause Gas And Bloating While Pregnant

  • Avoid eating vegetables with fatty foods.
  • Stay away from beverages such as soda and fruit juices that contain high fructose corn syrup.
  • Prevent eating salty foods since sodium causes to keep more water in your body, which leads to bloating.
  • If lactose intolerant stay away from it and supplement calcium in other ways.

Will Gas And Bloating Affect Your Baby?

The gas and bloating during pregnancy will not affect your baby. It will make your pregnancy very uncomfortable.   The signs of gas and bloating are farting, burping, pain, tightening, and abdominal cramps. 

How To Get Rid Of Gas And Bloating During Pregnancy?

There are many things you can do to reduce gas and bloating during pregnancy.

  • Do not have artificial sweeteners.  Avoid drinking diet drinks which cause excessive gas.
  • Limit your consumption of foods that causes gas.
  • Keep a food journal to figure out which foods are causing you gas or bloating if your having a hard time identifying them.
  • Scale down the sizes of your meals instead of eating 3 large meals a day.
  • Make sure to incorporate fiber in your diet to increase your bowel movements to regularly.
  • Slow down when eating, make sure to take your time.

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