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Shortness of Breath
During Pregnancy

Shortness of breath during pregnancy is quite common.  We have all seem a pregnant women walking and having to stop to breath.  Shortness of breath in pregnancy is just another symptoms as heartburn, constipation, and indigestion. 

There is no harm done to your baby even if you’re winded for air while climbing up the stairs or walking. The key is to learn the effective ways to manage your breathing during pregnancy.

Is Shortness Of Breath An Early Sign of Pregnancy?

For majority of pregnant women it does affect them in the first trimester.The feeling of shortness of breath is not considered an early sign of pregnancy. 

What Makes You Shortness Of Breath During Pregnancy?

There are many changes that occur during pregnancy. One of the those changes during your pregnancy is body requiring a larger amount of oxygen.  The body makes sure to adapt to meet those requirements in different ways.

  The body goes through many changes as increase in hormones one in particular progesterone. The progesterone directly affects your lungs and breathing pattern. Another cause of shortness of breath during pregnancy is from your uterus growing.  The uterus starts putting pressure on your diaphragm.

How Long Does The Breathlessness Last During Pregnancy?

Usually after 35-36 weeks a few weeks before you’re due is when you experience some relief.  The reason you will experience some relief and be able to breathe a lot better is from the baby dropping into the pelvis. This will give you significant relieve and make you breath much better.

How To Relieve Breathing Difficult While Pregnant?

There are things you can do to ease the shortness of breath during pregnancy.

  • Slow down:  If your feeling a shortness of breath, make sure to slow down to catch your breath.  Make sure to take small deep breaths through your mouth.
  • Exercise routine: Incorporating a light exercises routine will do wonders and help you stay fit.
  • Join A Meditation Class: Learning techniques for relaxation and breathing will help with the shortness of breath.
  • Loose Clothes:  Make sure to wear loose breathing clothes to help breathe easier.

When To Call The Doctor

If you start having speech impairment, blurred vision, dizziness, or confusion it’s important to reach out to your doctor as soon as possible.

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