Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

What is a yeast infection? Yeast infection during pregnancy also known as candidiasis, are common female condition.  It’s a fungus linked to irritation, itching, burning, discharge, white or gray discharge, and swelling. 

 The yeast infection is a fungus that lives in the vagina in small numbers. Having a yeast infection during pregnancy is very common due to imbalance of hormones. 

What Causes Yeast Infections During Pregnancy?

The vaginal infection is pretty common in pregnant women. Microscopic fungi in the Candida family cause the infection also known as monilial vaginitis. 

Pregnant women go through many changes in their body one of them is having high estrogen levels. The high level of estrogen is a commonly cause of yeast infection during pregnancy.

Why Are Yeast Infections More Common During Pregnancy?

During the second trimester are super common during pregnancy. We all have communities of microorganisms that live inside our bodies.  The fungi turn into an infection when our body is not balance. 

Pregnancy creates an unbalance in our bodies increasing the various members of microbiome causing yeast infection.

Can Yeast Infection Be An Early Sign of Pregnancy?

Yes, yeast infection can be an early sign of pregnancy.  The fungi are most common in pregnancy due to the effect of hormones on the vaginal environment.

Symptoms And Signs of Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

There are many symptoms and signs if you’re having a yeast infection.

  • Burning sensation in the vaginal area.
  • It’s painful when you urinate.
  • Pain during vaginal sex.
  • White or grey vaginal discharge.
  • An itching in the vaginal area.

How To Prevent And Manage Yeast Infections in Pregnancy?

Many pregnant women use topical azole antifungals as the recommended treatment during pregnancy. There are many things you can do differently to prevent from getting a yeast infection during pregnancy.

  • Avoid using deodorant sprays.
  • Keep your vagina area dry and clean.
  • Decrease your sugar level.
  • Wear cotton panties so your vaginal area can breathe better.
  • Avoid pads or tampons that contain deodorant.

Does An Untreated Yeast Infection Harm Your Baby?

No, a yeast infection won’t hurt or affect your developing baby. The yeast infection will make you feel uncomfortable but not affect your baby.

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